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Tech companies are laying off thousands, but we know one niche where they're hiring, not firing. Backend engineers, you remain in demand, even in this economy!

The MACH (Microservices, Apis, Cloud-native, and Headless) software space is growing at an astounding rate. Startups in the MACH, headless CMS, and headless commerce industries have raised well over $16 billion to date—and many of them are hiring for 2023.

But wait. What's driving the growth of this niche during a recession? 🤔

Enterprise companies are moving away from monolithic suites and toward API-first, composable ecosystems. This is excellent news for startups in the MACH space, since that's precisely what they do.

We’ve been serving up news, commentary, and content in the MACH industry for almost a decade now. We know who's hiring, and we’re here to connect engineers like you to the best startups we know.

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