Boye 2023 Web CMS Conference Takeaways
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Boye 2023 Web CMS Conference Takeaways

The need for further education in the Web CMS and DXP space was one of the five takeaways made by CMSWire contributor Matthew McQueeny as he recapped the recently held CMS Kickoff Florida 2023.

The need for further education in the Web CMS and DXP space was one of the five takeaways made by CMSWire contributor Matthew McQueeny as he recapped the recently held CMS Kickoff Florida 2023. The annual event hosted by the networking and learning group company Boye & Co brought together some of the industry’s leading professionals.

“We may be able to expertly explain amongst each other the differences between monolithic vs. headless CMS and all-in-one vs composable, but do our messages and entreaties resonate with the marketplace and customer needs? That is not as clear.”

Elsewhere, a MACH Alliance member report reveals retailers’ thoughts about digital transformation in 2023, DatoCMS and Storyblok provide some exciting updates about their respective partner programs, and the debate continues on LinkedIn about what digital experience composition (DXC) truly means.

“Casper Rasmussen, president of the MACH Alliance, said at the conference that perhaps it is time to demand from the platform vendors an answer to the question “What are you not?” instead of a total focus on what each one is.”

New MACH Alliance Partner Report, The Pulse of Retail

“The survey's results showcase that retailers are keenly aware of the importance of investing in technology to improve the in-store experience, however there is still a large gap to fill in regards to creating a cohesive omnichannel experiences.”

Deconstructing DXC: What It Is, What It Does, What Problems It Solves

“Given brands’ need to accelerate time to market and raise the performance of digital experiences, DXC is now a hot topic among developers, marketers, industry analysts, and DX trend watchers.”

Webarrassment: 48% Of Businesses Are Embarrassed by Their Website Despite Spending an Average of $453,126 on Marketing Technology

“Many businesses believe that marketing technology is inherently very expensive and is difficult and time-consuming to get right. This is no longer the case. A modern wave of API-first, best-of-breed technology is currently disrupting the industry, making the martech stack not only more cost-effective, but also more user-friendly for the teams working with it - developers and marketers.”

Headless Commerce Isn't Just Shaking Up Retail: Three Other Industries Being Disrupted

“Customers today want fast, flexible, cross-channel service, and businesses need to be digitally ready to deliver. This has ushered in the rise of headless architecture across a range of sectors, and we’re only scratching the surface for the ways headless can make an impact.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap Up with Kaya & Andres

Stories that caught our eye

  1. Bloomreach Product Launches: They’ve unveiled some of the features released at the end of 2022 and preview others on the roadmap for 2023.
  2. [Video] A New Era in Web Application Development: A fireside chat with representatives from XCentium and Vercel.
  3. Bold Commerce Integrates PayPal: The headless checkout suite adds new payment method options for customers.
  4. Explain Headless to a 5-Year-Old?: This one might still go over their heads.
  5. DatoCMS Partner Program Recap: An update on things since launching a year ago.
  6. Storyblok Partner Competition #2: 10k in prizes for the best ideas.

The word on the street...

  1. [LinkedIn]: Is DXC this or is it that?: Thomas Mulreid raises the question and gets some interesting answers in this LinkedIn post.
  2. [LinkedIn]:Moving from legacy to composable?: Sana Remekie argues that there needs to be a practical path for businesses to take.
  3. [Reddit]: What exactly does “headless” mean?: This Redditor is looking for answers about what headless means outside of the context of a CMS.
  4. [Reddit]: how to get started with JAMSTACK ?: Any tips for this beginner?

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