Contentful Launches New Capabilities
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Contentful Launches New Capabilities

Composable content platform Contentful has released several new features and capabilities to deliver digital experiences at scale.

Composable content platform Contentful has released several new features and capabilities to deliver digital experiences at scale. These include Connect, a group of pre-built integrations; Collaborate, enhanced workflows and new ways to preview content; and Scale, new AI-based tools and integrations.

“With this launch, we are addressing some of the biggest challenges developers and content teams are facing in their quest to deliver multi-brand, multi-channel digital experiences,” said Contentful CEO Steve Sloan.

Elsewhere, has appointed former CEO Bart Olmo as Global Head of Sales, and BigCommerce has unveiled a new B2B-focused suite of functionalities.

LinkedIn has also been a buzz in the digital experience and composability space over the last few days as the debate rages on between monolithic vs. microservices and MACH vs. composable, with numerous commenters weighing in on the benefits and drawbacks of the different approaches.

“With a powerful, enterprise-grade platform that supports 70 billion API calls per month and some of the biggest digital experiences globally, Contentful is helping leading companies compete in today’s dynamic marketplace.”
Read More >>, the Pioneer of Digital Experience Orchestration (DXO), Appoints Bart Omlo as Global Head of Sales

“We are beyond excited to have Bart join our team at Conscia. We are truly impressed with his track record of building world-class sales organizations, his in-depth understanding of the evolving digital experience space, and are confident about his ability to help scale our business globally. We look forward to reaching new heights together and taking the headless and composable industry by storm.”

BigCommerce Fuels Ambitious Growth for Enterprise B2B Brands with Latest Release of B2B Edition

“With B2B Edition, B2B brands can create buying experiences that help them sell more, convert at a higher rate and influence repeat purchasing and loyalty. As B2B ecommerce catches up to its B2C counterpart, BigCommerce continues to invest in ways that make BigCommerce the most trusted and reliable platform of choice for B2B companies seeking ambitious growth.”

Agility's CLI Expands Its Composable Architecture, Reinforcing Its Position as a Leader in Content Management

“Our new CLI is the latest addition to our suite of tools that help businesses manage their content and maintain their brand identity across all digital channels. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible tools to help them succeed, and we believe the Agility CLI is a significant step forward in achieving that goal.”

commercetools Achieves Centaur Status Surpassing the $100M Live ARR Milestone

“commercetools' centaur status underscores our strong product market fit, growing customer base both in number and revenues, efficient global team, and scalable go-to-market traction.”

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