Contentstack Launches Automation Hub
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Contentstack Launches Automation Hub

Contentstack has unveiled Automation Hub, aimed at "radically simplifying the deployment of composable architectures at any scale".

Contentstack has unveiled Automation Hub, aimed at "radically simplifying the deployment of composable architectures at any scale".

Contentstack CEO Neha Sampat remarked that the Automation hub solves the integration problems faced by brands going best-of-breed/composable/anti-monolith/API-first/well, you get the point.

"Brands can level up their composable experiences without code or hassle. No more jumping between multiple tools. Data, content, and decisions flow to the right tool, at the right time, and in the right order," Sampat wrote on LinkedIn.

Elsewhere, Payload went free and open-source, BigCommerce hosted an Investor Day, and Kaya Ismail sat down for a chat with Kontent by Kentico's Bart Omlo.

"Now, marketing and IT can move at the speed of their business and imagination, overcoming the technical and operational hurdles that adopting a composable architecture can introduce."


Payload is Now Completely Free and Open Source

“Starting immediately, we're moving to a completely open source and totally free MIT licensing model. From this point on, Payload is now completely free for projects of any shape or size."

BigCommerce Hosts Inaugural Investor Day

"We are investing in international growth, omnichannel, B2B and headless functionality, and are confident that we can build our portfolio of disruptive tools and develop innovative solutions for our merchants around the globe," said Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce

Fast Simon Launches No-Code Editor for eCommerce Search and Collections

"Fast Simon has announced its new No-Code Search and Collections Editor. The solution delivers a drag-and-drop visual page builder and a publishing and hosting platform, removing the need for coding, and cutting the time and costs of providing fast and optimized shopping experiences."

OmnichannelX Conference: June 13-16

"Content, design, governance, and systems; we believe these are the key elements that make or break omnichannel success. That’s why OmnichannelX delivers an international online conference for digital professionals and cross-functional teams."

3 Key Lessons Marketers Should Learn From the Pandemic To Succeed

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David Gang, CEO of Brightspot CMS, recently published an article discussing how customer expectations changed during the pandemic--and detailed lessons that marketers need to learn to be ahead of the curve


Fireside with DXP Report #7

Kaya Ismail and Bart Omlo sit down to discuss the past and future of Kontent by Kentico, AI, and the headless CMS landscape.

Things that caught our eye

  1. New Player Alert: React Bricks: Launched on Product Hunt, React Bricks is "a CMS with the best visual editing experience for content editors, but great for developers too, as content blocks are React components defined in code."
  2. Another New Player Alert: Garchi CMS: "A simple to use e-commerce Headless CMS solution".
  3. Prepr Talks #2: Creative ad-platform Bannerwise, lead-gen & onboarding for SaaS companies.
  4. Brands Must Shift from Transactional to Transparent if They Want to Rebuild Customer Loyalty: A new Sitecore study reveals.
  5. Firework Raises $150M Series B: Firework, a livestreaming commerce and digital transformation platform, has secured $150 million in Series B financing led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.
  6. Amplitude Launches CDP: The product analytics platform has expanded into the customer data space.  
  7. 6 Takeaways From CMSWire's DX Summit 2022 Spring Edition: Conversational AI, Cookies, and more.

The word on the street...

  1. [Reddit] React Bricks Launch Day: The devs of Reddit react.
  2. [Twitter] "What CMS do you wish GatsbyJS had a plugin for?:  or had a better plugin for?": Directus, Strapi, and WordPress were all mentioned.
  3. [Reddit] WooCommerce Woes?: What worries WooCommerce store owners the most?

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