CrafterCMS Version 4.0 Released
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CrafterCMS Version 4.0 Released

CrafterCMS, the open-source Git-based headless CMS for enterprises, announced the general availability release of its version 4.

CrafterCMS, the open-source Git-based headless CMS for enterprises, announced the general availability release of its version 4.

According to the company's press release, version 4.0 includes three major new capabilities:

1) A brand new Experience Builder for composing digital experiences from reusable plug-ins and components, and for true in-context editing and preview that supports all front-end technologies and any digital channels.

2) A brand new Crafter Studio content authoring application, built in React on top of CrafterCMS's API-first headless content authoring platform, that is faster and enables content teams to create, edit, review, and publish more productively than ever before.

3) A brand new plug-in framework and expanded marketplace that allows developers to quickly build and easily maintain reusable components and back-end integrations.

In other news, Uniform announced integrations with Shopify, Elastic Path, and Sitecore OrderCloud, WP Engine acquired plugin maker Delicious Brains, and a new report shows that the DXP market is poised for growth.

“Our new content authoring tools enable content teams to easily compose any type of digital experience,” said Russ Danner, VP of Products for CrafterCMS.


Uniform Announced Three New Integrations

“[Integrating with Shopify, Elastic Path, and Sitecore OrderCloud] means more tool options and flexibility for businesses to build their e-commerce stacks. It also means that if you’re already on those platforms, you can seamlessly orchestrate and personalize your operations without changing your processes."

WP Engine Acquires Delicious Brains

"Managed WordPress web hosting company WP Engine announced they were acquiring Delicious Brains, the company behind five popular plugins relied on by millions of users worldwide, including WP Migrate and Advanced Custom Fields."

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) And Their Growth In The Market

"The digital experience platform market is projected to grow to $13.9 billion by 2024. The pandemic has triggered digital transformation across industries and as there is increased adoption of DXPs by market vendors has enabled them to reach out to customers with the help of multiple digital devices to foster cross-selling and upselling."

Avataar Launches Augmented Reality eCommerce Integration for Online Retailers

"Avataar, a provider of an artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision platform focused on spatial visual discovery, has announced at AWE USA 2022 the launch of its single-click integration solution for online retailers. The company’s out-of-the-box product will integrate with e-commerce platforms including Shopify and BigCommerce to offer consumers an interactive 3D augmented reality (AR) shopping experience."

How to Choose the Right CMS

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Fireside with DXP Report #7

Kaya Ismail and Bart Omlo sit down to discuss the past and future of Kontent by Kentico, AI, and the headless CMS landscape.

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