Digital Experience Events on the Horizon
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Digital Experience Events on the Horizon

It’s March Madness in the DX space, with several conferences, roadshows, and events from leading vendors over the next few weeks.

It’s March Madness in the DX space, with several conferences, roadshows, and events from leading vendors over the next few weeks.

First, Uniform’s composable roadshow begins with an event in London on March 14, followed by one in New York City on March 21, where speakers will address the future of building digital experiences. Partners Kin+Carta, Code and Theory, Contentful, and Commerce Layer will also be part of the events.

Next, Adobe Summit will be held from Mar 21–23 in Las Vegas and virtually. There will also be a Preconference in Las Vegas from Mar 19–20, 2023. Some of the tracks for the 2023 edition include Content That Drives Performance and Personalized Omnichannel Engagement.

Elsewhere, Netlify has released a new Contentful integration and changed its logo, and there is a new AI headless commerce platform set to launch.

“Join seasoned engineers, architects, and marketers from the digital-experience arena in a composable roadshow to learn how Uniform accelerates all aspects of digital delivery.”

Adobe Summit - Digital Experience Conference - March 19-23, 2023

“Join us in Las Vegas to expand your skillset, spark inspiration, and build connections that empower you to make the digital economy personal. For those unable to attend the world-class event in Vegas, join us virtually from anywhere for free.”

Announcing the New Contentful Integration: A Simpler and More Polished Content Management Experience

“Our latest integration with Contentful in Labs provides a simpler and more polished workflow by allowing users to enable the integration more easily and removing unnecessary steps that were previously required during setup.”

Nautical Commerce Expands Leadership Team With New VP of Sales and VP of Partnerships

“As we prepare for continued growth, we welcome both Roxann and Tyler to the Nautical team. They each bring extensive experience in commerce and technology to Nautical, along with impressive drive and in-depth knowledge of the industry.”

Monolithic to Modular: How Composable DX Is Transforming Digital Experience Creation

“Composable thinking can help organizations adapt to changing customer needs and preferences while minimizing disruption and ensuring a seamless user experience.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap-Up with Kaya & Andres

Stories that caught our eye

  1. WordPress Co-founder Matt Mullenweg at DE{CODE} Dev Conference: A WP Engine hosted event set for March 21 and 23.
  2. Billfold Selects Elastic Path to Bolster Customer Experience: Billfold plans to use Elastic Path’s EP Payments solution to make payments easier.
  3. [Event] Traditional vs Headless CMS - Which One Is Right For You?: This event from Luminary should shed some light on the matter.
  4. Netlify’s New Logo: Netlify explains why they decided to make the design change after 8 years.
  5. AI Headless Commerce Platform: Aasaan is coming soon to help build powerful storefronts.

The word on the street...

  1. [Twitter]: What does headless mean?: Anything else to add to this thread to help this Twitter user?
  2. [LinkedIn]: Headless commerce vs composable commerce: Thomas Mulreid breaks it all down.
  3. [LinkedIn]: API integration vs API orchestration: Nazia Ashraf sheds some light on this.

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