DXP Report to Sponsor StrapiConf 2022
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DXP Report to Sponsor StrapiConf 2022

DXP Report is set to sponsor StrapiConf 2022, which will be held on March 16-17 2022.

DXP Report is set to sponsor StrapiConf 2022, which will be held on March 16-17 2022.

Our Founder and Editor-at-large Kaya Ismail will also moderate a live discussion panel concerning the topic "Handling Content on the Modern Web".

Join us on Wednesday!

In other news, Bold Commerce expanded its C-suite, Germany leads the world in MACH architecture adoption, and the MACH Alliance announced a free 2-day conference to be held in London.

Our Founder Kaya Ismail will moderate a live panel consisting of representatives from Vercel, Remix.Run, This Dot Labs, and Bit.dev.

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Bold Commerce Expands Its C-Suite

Matt Zimmerman will join Bold Commerce as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Eric Boisjoli, co-founder of Bold Commerce, will serve as the company’s first-ever Chief Availability Officer (CAO).

Germany Moving at MACH Speed

Research from the MACH Alliance shows that Germany has the highest adoption of front office MACH technologies, with the UK and US trailing behind.

SiteSpect, Inc. Partners with Mango Mammoth to Streamline Functionality with Shopify Headless Framework

"Mango Mammoth’s headless framework is built with one focus: to be high-performing digital commerce,” said Trent Minneman, CEO.

Inside Sitecore's Composable Commerce Experience Gambit

"Sitecore waded into a pool of fierce competition with OrderCloud. In the MACH space, it's going head-to-head against other commerce engines that have a long list of pre-built integrations and who already claim the moniker of "best-of-breed."

Serious Jamstack.

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Upcoming Events

Mar 16-17

StrapiConf 2022

The second online and totally free global user conference for the Strapi community.

I'll attend

Jun 28-29


"MACH ONE brings together leaders, decision-makers & MACH practitioners from the growing global MACH ecosystem."

I'll attend

Things that caught our eye

  1. [Video] Git-based headless CMS vs database architecture: CrafterCMS' Russ Danner makes the case for git-based headless content management.
  2. Sitecore's headless commerce play: Sitecore CEO Steve Tzikakis has composable plans for the company.
  3. Building audio content for the future: here's how to make audio assets count.
  4. PWA in headless commerce – everything you should know: VueStorefront brings us some PWA knowledge.
  5. Storyblok to attend Shoptalk Las Vegas 2022: In-person events are a thing again!
  6. [Video] What's a BFF?: A backend for a frontend. Duh.

The word on the street...

  1. [Twitter] A dev built Wordle using Gatsby: and it's kind of beautiful!
  2. [Reddit] What is a headless CMS?!: Quick, somebody explain it all to this Redditor and subtly link to your own headless CMS' homepage. Only kidding. Or am I?
  3. [Reddit] Git-based vs Cloud-based CMS: What's the difference?
  4. [Reddit] Looking for a better (eCommerce) CMS: The conversation quickly turned to headless CMS benefits.

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading.
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