Elasticpath Secures $60M in Growth Funding
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Elasticpath Secures $60M in Growth Funding

Composable commerce platform Elasticpath has received a $60M cash injection. Led by Sageview Capital, this round of funding means that the company has now raised $120M to date.

"This new capital will allow Elastic Path to build on a strong 2021 as the market shift to Composable Commerce accelerates. The market is rapidly moving to Composable Commerce, an approach where multiple best-of-breed vendors are “composed” together to create complete, functionally superior commerce solutions optimized for the unique needs of each brand," the press release reads.

Notably, Elasticpath has embraced MACH architecture without embracing the MACH Alliance. Instead, the company launched the Composable Commerce Movement, which seeks to attract vendors offering both MACH and non-MACH products while focusing on "customer outcomes" rather than MACH awareness.

Elsewhere in the DXPverse (...MetaDXP? Okay I'll stop), Agility CMS debuts on Vercel's marketplace, Kentico MVPs, and a 3D CMS may be on the horizon.

“Brands are demanding more: More speed. More control. More flexibility. And our strong growth is clear evidence that we are meeting that demand,” said Jamus Driscoll, CEO at Elastic Path.

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Agility CMS Debuts As Integration In Vercel Marketplace

“Developers operate in a growing ecosystem of interconnected tools. Life for developers using Vercel and Agility CMS just got a lot easier by streamlining the process for configuring and deploying solutions.” – Joel Varty, CTO, Agility CMS.

Kontent 2022 MVPs Announced

Good news for existing and prospective Kontent users, there are two new Kontent Most Valuable Professionals on the block. There are now six Kontent MVPs, you can find them all here.

Chord Commerce Hires Mailchimp Veteran David Dewey as CTO

“I am fired up about using my Data Science experience to help innovative brands take advantage of the smartest commerce stack in the world,” said Dewey in his announcement about the new role.

Netlify x Forrester: The ROI of Netlify

Netlify commissioned Forrester Consulting, a part of independent analyst firm Forrester Research, to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that quantified the return on investment one enterprise earns from shifting to and operating their sites on Netlify.

Serious Jamstack.

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Things that caught our eye

  1. Metaverse Trends: Is 2022 the year of the 3D CMS?
  2. New Player Alert – Contentrain: Hailing from Turkey, Contentrain is a git-based headless CMS. Currently in closed beta.  
  3. Platformable launches blog component code generator for headless CMS': "Our blog component code generator helps writers and editors to quickly make engaging graphic elements in their blogs when using a headless CMS."
  4. Cooee makes waves on Product Hunt: Cooee offers AI-powered customer personalization, engagement, and recommendations across the web and mobile.
  5. Mailwind – Tailwind CSS for HTML emails: Tailwind makes it very easy to design websites, why not use it to design HTML emails?
  6. Free website uptime monitoring: 25 monitors in three minutes, for free.

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