#62 | Fabric Hires Amazon Marketing Veteran Craig Berman
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#62 | Fabric Hires Amazon Marketing Veteran Craig Berman

Headless commerce platform Fabric has appointed Craig Berman as Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing.

Headless commerce platform Fabric has appointed Craig Berman as Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing. Berman has spent the last 14 years building Amazon's Global Communications team.

Recently, Sanity and Amplience also bolstered their marketing teams with new CMOs, while we have it on excellent authority that at lest three other headless CMS vendors are starting the year by expanding their marketing teams with key hires.

In other news, Magnolia CMS launches its "Faster" campaign, CrafterCMS expands its Marketplace, and headless commerce platform Vendure integrates with Vue Storefront.

"I'm excited to join a group of like-minded people who have spent their careers building many of the digital commerce platforms used today," said Craig Berman. "And because we have all been in merchants' shoes, we understand the current limitations of legacy platforms. fabric is leading the headless revolution and the true winners will be consumers, who will reap the benefits of enhanced shopping experiences across the entire internet."


Faster: A Guide to Speed for Digital Leaders

"Everybody going fast in our industry – started off slow. There’s no one way to accelerate and you just can’t magically go from 0 to 60 in no time."

CrafterCMS Marketplace Includes New Google Plugins

“Our Marketplace makes it possible to assemble new digital experiences of all kinds quicker and easier than ever before," said Russ Danner, VP Products, CrafterCMS.

Vendure and Vue Storefront Integration

Vue Storefront, the fastest-growing open-source storefront solution for headless commerce, has just released v1.0 of its official Vendure integration.

Amplience and KIBO Team Up

"Headless commerce, which includes personalization and other key retail strategies, is the way of the future,” said John Williams, Chief Technology Officer, Amplience.

Digital Transformation Workshop: How To Maximize ROI from Your DXP

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The word on the street...

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