FEaaS: Frontend as a Service
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FEaaS: Frontend as a Service

The FEaaS (Frontend as a Service) concept seems to be catching on. Particularly in the headless commerce space.

The FEaaS (Frontend as a Service) concept seems to be catching on. Particularly in the headless commerce space.

In his article published on DXPReport.com, Instant Commerce Founder and CMO Sam Van Hees explained that "frontend as a service is a new way to build, test and deliver vibrant frontend experiences. Unlike other ways to build on the frontend, using FEaaS helps you get things done faster and more efficiently."

Elsewhere, Contentrain and Contember went live on Product Hunt, GraphCMS partnered with Swell, and dotCMS unveiled major product updates.

"Frontend as a service allows eCommerce brands to move much faster than ever before. Many eCommerce platforms are still monolithic, with limited templates that end up slowing down your store. And we all know how important speed is for an eCommerce brand."


Lightspeed Launches Innovative New Flagship Omnichannel Retail Platform

“Leveraging the power of headless commerce, powerful integrations, and a completely reimagined interface, Lightspeed Retail is the ultimate commerce platform to help business owners elevate their strategy while managing the complex challenges of the evolving retail landscape."

BigCommerce Holdings, Inc. (BIGC) Q1 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

"Subscription revenue grew 50% year-over-year driven by continued net growth in merchants and our continued mix shift into enterprise plans."

dotCMS Product Updates

"dotCMs 22.03.0 includes slick new page building tools, including a new visual template designer, new drag-and-drop functionality, and visual comparisons of different content versions."

Is Composable DXP Just Sales Jargon?

"Composable DXP is a term that has been gaining traction in the past year. So, what does it mean? What are the benefits of composability, and how can you implement it into your software stack?"

Fireside with DXP Report | #5

Kaya Ismail chats with Andy Kaiser and Esat Artug from Ninetailed, the API-first personalization and customer experience optimization platform.

Things that caught our eye

  1. Contentrain is live on Product Hunt: Another new headless CMS player enters the ring! 404 upvotes and counting!
  2. Contember is live on Product Hunt: The second newcomer in a week. Exciting times! 295 upvotes and counting!
  3. Payload CMS goes open source: "We just open-sourced the code for Payload's TypeScript headless CMS demo and it's now available on GitHub for you to take a look at and learn from."
  4. 5 painful truths about headless commerce: Number 4 will SHOCK you. Kidding. Or am I?
  5. Why are headless commerce startups attracting heavy investment?: This article explores the trend.

The word on the street...

  1. [Reddit] Contember vs Directus vs Web3: Upon the launch of Contember, Implementation Consultant Jonas Nobile answered some probing questions about the product and the headless CMS industry.
  2. [Reddit] Gatsby devs, come get your free blog template: Just a wholesome developer being wholesome.
  3. [Twitter] Vendure updates users on its Remix.Run starter: The young headless commerce framework has a growing user base, and a Remix.Run starter will certainly help it mature.

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