Headless Commerce & Legacy Platforms
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Headless Commerce & Legacy Platforms

We’re following the boom of headless commerce very closely. One area catching our eye is how legacy platforms are pivoting their software and adjusting their messaging.

We’re following the boom of headless commerce very closely. One area catching our eye is how legacy platforms are pivoting their software and adjusting their messaging. Wordify’s Head of Content Andres Phillips has penned an article on this trend, with some advice to both legacy suites and newer headless commerce startups.

“For headless commerce vendors, now represents the ideal time to step on the gas and continue leading the charge, convincing hesitant brands that headless commerce isn’t just the future, but also the present,” Phillips said.

Elsewhere, Crownpeak acquired Attraqt for £63.2 million and Saleor seeks to take on Magento in the open source headless commerce niche.

"Headless commerce is taking the eCommerce industry by storm. Many large eCommerce brands will have already explored or adopted headless solutions, while not-so-technical startups will have heard the ruckus and done some exploring of their own to see how it could benefit them."


Crownpeak Acquires Attraqt

"Aegean Bidco Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Crownpeak Holdings LLC, has agreed to acquire Attraqt Group plc at the rate of 30 pence in cash per Attraqt Share. The acquisition values the entire issued, and to be issued share capital of Attraqt Group at approximately £63.2 million."

Saleor: A New, Open-Source Headless Commerce Player

"The Saleor storefront was constructed using React. It offers users and visitors an eCommerce platform with a beautiful and appealing design. Users and visitors to this storefront can interact with the user interface, buy the goods, add it to the Shopping basket, and use all of the other features necessary for eCommerce sites. With PWA, Saleor Storefront provides an entirely open-source platform for web applications for online shopping."

Liferay’s Annual Conference on the Horizon

"Success stories in digital transformation from the Putzmeister Group, CIFA, and Hera Group are some of the highlights of Liferay Vision 2022, hosted virtually on October 6th, 2022."

How Vercel Powers Mr Beast

"Vercel not only helped us iterate faster and deliver the site to all of our users—their Customer Success team also worked alongside us to ensure everything was set up correctly from our side and theirs."

The news is out—Kontent.ai, originally a division of Kentico, has established itself as a separate company. This allows Kentico Xperience to return to its roots and refresh its name to Kentico. Learn more about the recent changes in our company and what it means for you as we take this exciting step forward of increased investment in the development of our cloud-native, flexible digital experience platform.


Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap Up with Kaya & Andres

Things that caught our eye

  1. Like Digital & Partners Inks Agreement With commercetools: Another partner in the bag for commercetools.
  2. Traditional vs Headless: Search Engine Journal talks content velocity.
  3. Mira Commerce and Deck Commerce Launch BigCommerce App: BigCommerce enterprise customers have access.
  4. What Should You Look For In A Content Management System?: A fairly basic (Forbes-y?) take on what a modern CMS should be.
  5. Bloomreach Discovery Launches French and German Semantic Understanding: This update will help with Bloomreach’s expansion into Canada and Western Europe.

The word on the street...

  1. [LinkedIn] MACH Ambassador On Experience Orchestration: “There is a need for experience orchestration when you have multiple data/content sources and multiple destinations.”
  2. [Reddit] Headless CMS Performance Test - Payload vs. Directus vs. Strapi: Payload CMS is doing Reddit marketing right.
  3. [Reddit] Headless Commerce Startup Seeks Co-Founder: Know anybody who might be interested?

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