“MACH is absolutely the right way” - Boohoo CTO
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“MACH is absolutely the right way” - Boohoo CTO

CTO of online fashion brand Boohoo, Steve Nolan, believes that MACH architecture can provide businesses with the adaptiveness and cost-effectiveness they need for today and the future. He’s not the only one, either.

Steve Nolan, CTO of online fashion brand Boohoo, believes that MACH architecture can provide businesses with the adaptiveness and cost-effectiveness they need for today and the future. He’s not the only one, either.

In Computer Weekly’s latest publication, Marc Ambasna-Jones dives into why composability will be a key consideration for businesses planning new applications.

“The idea that organisations could architect businesses for real-time adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty is an interesting one. Organisations using technology based on modular, packaged business capabilities rather than having to fit processes and plans around the prescribed functions of large software applications is certainly a shift in approach.”

Keeping up with the composability theme, Contentstack launched its Go Composable initiative, and Agility continues celebrating a breakthrough year. Elsewhere, Exemplifi partnered with Webflow, dotCMS looks back at 2022, and Storyblok will host a virtual career fair.

“Given all the talk about efficiencies and increasing agility, and the economic pressures to come, 2023 is going to be an even bigger year for composability. The ability to shape and match technology capabilities with needs is not without its challenges, but there’s enough evidence to suggest it will be worth the ride.”

Contentstack Demonstrates 295% ROI as Part of New Go Composable Initiative To Accelerate Composable Digital Experience Adoption Globally

"We are strong believers in the total economic impact of moving from expensive monolithic systems to composable architecture. Go Composable is in place to provide peace of mind – and a human touch – every step of the way."

Agility Celebrates Breakthrough Year, Named High Performer in G2 for Headless CMS

“We are thrilled to have had such a successful year and to be recognized as a high performer by G2,” said Joel Varty, CTO of Agility CMS. “Our users are loving the new Plenum UI, while developers are taking advantage of our new management API. Plus, our updated Next.js 13 SDK has generated a lot of excitement – it’s a super powerful framework that Agility takes full advantage of.”

Exceeding $150 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue, Bloomreach Drives Record Growth and Customer Success in 2022

"For Bloomreach to have accelerated even amid this year's challenging macro environment is a tremendous accomplishment. This is a result of the commitment culture that lies at the heart of Bloomreach and the hard work our teams put toward delivering real value for our customers," said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO, Bloomreach. "We're very excited to see this kind of trajectory and are confident in the continued growth that lies ahead — both for Bloomreach and for our customers."

Elastic Path Launches Composable Frontend

“With Catalog Management, merchandisers and e-commerce developers now have a completely self-service way to customize the search experience based on the unique data in their catalogs.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap Up with Kaya & Andres

Stories that caught our eye

  1. Exemplifi Announces Partnership With Webflow: Enterprise website builder Exemplifi has become a Webflow partner.
  2. dotCMS Showcases Some of Their Roadmap: Some of the key updates to the hybrid CMS in 2022 and what's coming in 2023.
  3. Signifyd and commercetools Partner Up: Another interesting partnership for commercetools. This time with an ecommerce fraud protection platform.
  4. BurgerFi Improves Its Digital Signage: They used Hughes CMS to help them centralize everything.
  5. Storyblok Virtual Career Fair: A chance to network and find opportunities in the headless CMS industry.

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