Netlify Graph: Democratizing GraphQL
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Netlify Graph: Democratizing GraphQL

Netlify Graph is now in public beta. It starts with a catalog that includes some of the most frequently requested APIs that development teams use, such as GitHub, Stripe, and Salesforce, with more to come according to Netlify.

"When you connect an API in the Netlify dashboard, it will automatically be enabled in your site’s central data graph. As a developer, you have complete control over what type of data is exposed and made available to your app," Netlify's blog announcement mentioned.

In other news, Optimizely partnered with Google Cloud, Redditors discuss the best Shopify-ready CMS, and Contentstack announced their "best year in company history".

“We’re excited to announce Netlify Graph, a GraphQL-powered experience designed to help developers build interactive and connected web applications faster."

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Contentstack Enjoys Best Year in Company History

The company announced that sales grew by 115% year-over-year, with nearly 99% customer retention. Good news for Contentstack, good news for the DXP industry.

Optimizely Partners with Google Cloud

“By entering into this strategic partnership with Google Cloud, we’re empowering marketers to unlock their digital potential, create exceptional customer experiences and deliver strong business outcomes all on a trusted, secure platform.”

Reinventing the Digital Experience Platform

“Is there such a thing as a digital experience platform? As Tony Byrne of the Real Story Group said in 2018, “No enterprise digital leader in her right mind would actually purchase ‘digital experience’ as a platform.""

BigCommerce Wins 2022 Most Loved Award From TrustRadius

To determine the winners of this year's award, TrustRadius analyzed every review collected in 2021 word by word. Reviews were analyzed across 25,820 products and 800 categories.

Serious Jamstack.

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Things that caught our eye

  1. Chico's chooses Fabric to overhaul their digital shopping experience: The headless commerce platform "understood [Chico's] strategy and brought to the table a technology solution and vision that fit perfectly,” said Jay Topper, Chico's CDO.
  2. Sportsman’s Warehouse Chooses Kibo to Expand Omnichannel Personalization: Jared Tanner, Sportsman’s Warehouse's VP Marketing & Ecommerce, stated that he "believes Kibo Personalization will bring the technology and experience needed to expand our testing, recommendations and personalization capabilities."
  3. New Website Builder Alert: Vanjaro: The no code CMS, eCommerce, and digital marketing platform is live on Product Hunt.

The word on the street...

  1. [Twitter] Shopify has "armed the rebels" with measly muskets: That's according to Native Deodorant Founder Moiz Ali.
  2. [LinkedIn] Events agency Reuinvous is looking for a suitable headless CMS: Give them a helping hand, won't you?
  3. [Reddit] The headless WordPress experience: is it a yay, or a nay?
  4. [Reddit] What's the best CMS for a Shopify-powered store: Reddit chimes in.
  5. [Reddit] Migrating from a WYSIWYG CMS to a headless CMS: What does the process entail?

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