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We get it, the job market isn't exactly hot right now. But what if we told you we knew of a booming market that's hungry for React.js developers?

As a React.js developer, you're likely familiar with the MACH architecture trend (Microservices, Apis, Cloud-native, and Headless). Enterprises are leaving monolithic architecture behind for composable, API-first ecosystems, and that's great news for job-hunting React.js engineers. 🚀

Why? Because companies in the MACH and headless industries have raised well over $16 billion to date, and they're hiring.

And there's more good news.

We're launching our MACH job board, where React.js developers are in demand.

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Our focus in 2023 is to help MACH companies find the best React.js talent. We already work closely with multiple MACH companies, and we know they're hiring React.js engineers in the U.S, Europe, and remotely.

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