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We know. The job market isn't looking healthy. Tech companies are firing, not hiring. But what if that wasn't entirely true?

The MACH software space is booming right now, and that's excellent news for job-hunting senior software engineers. 🚀

The MACH (Microservices, Apis, Cloud-native, and Headless) software space is growing at an astounding rate. Startups in the MACH, headless CMS, and headless commerce industries have raised well over $16 billion to date—and most of them are hiring for 2023.

MACH is booming because enterprise companies have discovered the benefits and cost-savings associated with API-first, composable, and Jamstack ecosystems. This is excellent news for startups in the MACH space, as those ecosystems are precisely what they enable.

Our team has been serving up news and content in the MACH and CMS industry for almost a decade, and we know senior software engineers are in demand within the industry.

A Tech News Website Can Get Me a Senior Software Engineering Job? Yeah, Right.

First, the good news.

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