Sitecore Adds New FEaaS Capabilities
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Sitecore Adds New FEaaS Capabilities

Sitecore has added a new Front End as a Service (FEaaS) composer to its CMS called XM Cloud Components, showing how serious the DXP vendor is about embracing composability.

Sitecore has added a new Front End as a Service (FEaaS) composer called XM Cloud Components, showing how serious the DXP vendor is about embracing composability.

The company has also made updates to Content Hub One, Sitecore Search, Sitecore Connect, and Sitecore Send.

“With the ability to compose on-brand, dynamic page components, brands can remain agile and responsive to customer needs in real-time, which is essential in today’s fast-paced digital landscape,” said Dave O’Flanagan, chief product officer of Sitecore.

Elsewhere, Elastic Path adds FEaaS features by acquiring Unstack, Nacelle has a new Storefront SDK, and the MACH Alliance explains its certification process.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this new component capability to our XM Cloud platform, designed to enable marketers, designers and developers to work in harmony.”

Elastic Path Acquires Unstack To Empower Merchandisers With Blazing-fast No-code Frontend

“Together with Unstack, we can provide customers with a commerce-ready frontend solution, so they can quickly launch unique shopping experiences and have the flexibility to shift as their business requirements evolve.”

Tekpon Features dotCMS in "Top Picks for Content Management Systems to Help Your Business Succeed”

“Our ideal customers require strong content modeling, flexible workflows, a robust API and plug-in architecture, and intuitive editing tools in a system that is highly secure and scalable. dotCMS reduces developer dependency by empowering content teams to create and manage content on their own, freeing developers to deliver content using dotCMS or any front-end framework of their choosing.”

Announcing Storefront SDK 2.0.0 | Nacelle

“Speed to market and nimbly responding to growing customer preferences are challenges developer teams face daily. That’s why Nacelle launched its latest version of Storefront SDK. We’re committed to providing developers with the tools to quickly respond to customers' needs while delivering the performance they and their marketing peers expect.”

Bloomreach Introduces a Seamless Way for Marketers to Build Data-Driven Reports and Analyses

“With our analytics and reporting template library, we're able to tailor reports for every company and brand, making it effortless for marketing teams to identify and analyze their wins and areas of improvement. As a strategic partner, we're looking forward to seeing how our tools will inspire success, even when a project is finished.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap-Up with Kaya & Andres

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