Strapi Launches Strapi Cloud
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Strapi Launches Strapi Cloud

Open source headless CMS Strapi has become “the only vendor on the market offering both a self-hosted and cloud version of the same CMS” with the release of Strapi Cloud.

Open source headless CMS Strapi has become “the only vendor on the market offering both a self-hosted and cloud version of the same CMS” with the release of Strapi Cloud.

“Strapi Cloud is a fully managed and collaborative platform for building, deploying, and managing Strapi applications empowering developers to create omnichannel experiences faster without the hassle of managing servers and configuring or upgrading services as part of their composable architectures.”

Elsewhere, Contentstack has launched a new front-end hosting service, DotKonnekt has launched its Experiential Commerce Platform, and RallyCommerce and Swell partner up.

"With Strapi Cloud, we're taking this to the next level with a fully managed and scalable option that offers the best of both worlds - the ease of use of a traditional SaaS offering, combined with the freedom and flexibility of open source."

Contentstack Expands Product Suite, Enters Front-End Hosting Market With New Fully-Integrated Offering: Contentstack Launch

"Much of our engineering energies go into eliminating the organizational and technical friction that plagues development organizations as they stand up digital experiences. Contentstack Launch is a huge friction-remover and experience accelerator all in one."

DotKonnekt Launches Experiential Commerce Platform to Democratize Organic D2C Growth for Brands

“Keeping the needs of brands at the core, we are confident to help them create personalized shopping experiences and build lasting relationships to drive repeat purchases and customer loyalty.”

Rally Commerce Partners, Swell to Empower Small Merchants, Create Easy Checkout Experiences

“Swell is leading the way for merchants going headless and is taking the right approach towards partners. We are excited about our integration and love working with their team.”

Does the Integrated Enterprise DXP Still Hold Value in the Composable Era?

“While there are many advantages to the headless and composable model, and a more lightweight, agile and cost-effective approach to managing a multi-channel digital footprint is certainly attractive, it’s also worth remembering that the more integrated and traditional approach to a DXP still has merit, and even some advantages.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap-Up with Kaya & Andres

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