The Digital Experience Composition Phenomenon
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The Digital Experience Composition Phenomenon

Digital Experience Composition (DXC) is the latest buzzword being mentioned in the headless and digital experience space. But what’s actually driving it?

Digital Experience Composition (DXC) is the latest buzzword being mentioned in the headless and digital experience space. But what’s actually driving it?

Janus Boye points out that customers aren’t explicitly asking for DXC solutions just yet. But as Gartner explains, it is a “step toward complete composability, providing a packaged business capability (PBC) for composable experience.”

In other news, Shopify unveils commerce components, MACH Alliance has announced new members, and Better Commerce seems to have found a way to make things easier for mid-level retailers.

“There’s an experience challenge looking for better solutions. Kudos to the innovative vendors who are trailblazing to address a real pain which customers do have.”

Introducing Commerce Components by Shopify

“We've spent nearly two decades building, optimizing, and scaling that infrastructure, which today powers over 10% of US ecommerce and has processed over half a trillion dollars. Now, we’re opening that infrastructure to power the biggest retailers in the world with Commerce Components by Shopify (CCS), the modern, composable stack for enterprise retail.”

Google Cloud Joins the MACH Alliance

“Having a brand like Google Cloud aligned with our organization is a powerful indicator that the market shift toward composable is speeding up and becoming mainstream,” said Casper Ramussen, MACH Alliance president. “This shift represents a major challenge to the position of long-established enterprise suites, and we’re in the right place at the right time for our movement to really scale. The Enabler category is ripe for growth over the next 12 months and critical to the success of MACH across all industries.”

Umbraco Appoints Adam Bateson as Vice President of Sales

“In this new role, Bateson will be responsible for leading Umbraco’s efforts in providing their US clientele with a CMS platform using their best-of-breed technology solutions.”

Q&A With Eric Feige: Composable Digital Architecture

“Children who play with Legos increase their problem-solving skills and creativity and boost their ability to collaborate and communicate.In much the same way, composable digital architecture builds more agility and speed for today's businesses to compete in the marketplace.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap Up with Kaya & Andres

Stories that caught our eye

  1. Mid-Level Retailer Empowerment: That’s what BetterCommerce aims to accomplish with its API-first digital commerce platform.
  2. Cloud-based Content Services: Bob Dunn tells all in this Q & A. With no updates or security concerns to worry about, there’s a lot to gain when companies adopt this approach.
  3. Adyen Joins the MACH Alliance: Fintech players are also joining the MACH party.
  4. Acquia Enhances Its CDP: The digital experience platform has added new features to its customer data platform.

The word on the street...

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