The Future of Sitecore?
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The Future of Sitecore?

Sitecore’s reaction to the MACH and composable trends has been impressively aggressive. But what do their moves mean? Eduardo Moraes is the Director of Digital Strategy & Technology at Cylogy, Inc, has attempted to shed some light.

Sitecore’s reaction to the MACH and composable trends has been impressively aggressive. But what do these moves mean? Eduardo Moraes, the Director of Digital Strategy & Technology at Cylogy Inc, has attempted to shed some light.

The article is even more relevant when you consider that Sitecore also released three new products just this week.

“The company certainly has made waves in the acquisition department in recent years. The acquired companies brought different products to Sitecore's set of tools. They were rebranded and integrated using a modern approach based on microservices and open APIs. Its acquisition game has been successful.

However, some of the acquired products provide different solutions for features that were already available in Sitecore, such as personalization, media management, A/B testing, etc.”

Elsewhere, dotCMS appointed a new Director of Cyber Security and a new Product Manager, while Bloomreach released a slew of plug-and-play marketing integrations.

"One common element, though, is the fact that these are all SaaS-based products. Different from the traditional and monolithic Sitecore XP, these are cloud-hosted solutions that do not require any on-prem installation. Despite that, Sitecore XP is still available and getting installed on on-premises servers."


Sitecore Releases Three New Public Cloud Products and Services

"Showcased at Sitecore Symposium 2022, these product offerings disrupt the CX status quo – from AI-powered Sitecore Search that enables smarter content discovery to Content Hub One, an innovative, headless CMS system allowing for agile experience delivery across multiple digital touchpoints, and more."

dotCMS Announces New Director of Cyber Security and Product Manager

"dotCMS, a leading hybrid-headless content management system, announced the appointment of Mehdi Karimi, Ph. D. as Director of Cyber Security and Damen Gilland as Product Manager."

Bloomreach Makes Data-Driven Marketing Easier to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

"Bloomreach, the world’s number one commerce cloud, announced that Bloomreach Engagement is expanding its integration with leading e-commerce stores, making it easier for growing e-commerce companies to increase customer acquisition and retention and loyalty with customized marketing campaigns. The full list of plug-and-play integrations for Bloomreach Engagement includes: Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), and Magento 2."

Digital Commerce 360 Roundtable: A B2B Guide to Headless Digital Commerce

"What does headless mean, and how should companies be evaluating it? What are the dangers of adopting a fundamentally different approach to the ecommerce tech stack? What are the benefits and drawbacks of headless ecommerce? Join this virtual discussion about the key considerations and requirements for headless commerce in B2B, so you can be equipped to decide if headless commerce is the correct choice for your business."

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap Up with Kaya & Andres

Things that caught our eye

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  2. [Video] Storyblok and Composable Commerce: How to enable growth.
  3. Accenture and Sitecore Enhance Business Partnership: The companies have worked with hundreds of clients, including CNH Industrial and Iveco Group to create more personalized and relevant connections with their customers and accelerate business growth.

The word on the street...

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  3. [Reddit] Big Cartel to a Headless CMS Solution?: Here’s how to do it.

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