Umbraco Acquires Outfield Digital
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Umbraco Acquires Outfield Digital

The open-source CMS vendor hopes to go beyond just a content offering by acquiring commerce solution Vendr and Backoffice UI builder Konstrukt as part of the deal.

The open-source CMS vendor hopes to go beyond just a content offering by acquiring commerce solution Vendr and Backoffice UI builder Konstrukt as part of the deal.

“We believe that in order for Umbraco to stay relevant we need to look beyond just content. We want to be able to offer a powerful commerce offering that is well-integrated with Umbraco and that can be added to Umbraco projects where needed. And we believe Vendr to be just that,” said Kim Sneum Madsen, CEO at Umbraco.

Elsewhere, Progress has released the latest version of its Sitefinity CMS, Payload CMS has been releasing several new features as part of its Launch Week, and there are more than a few industry events on the way in the coming weeks.

“I’m super excited for the future of Vendr in the hands of Umbraco, taking the product we have nurtured and giving it the opportunity to grow and realize its full potential.”

Progress Enables Organizations to Modernize Digital Experiences with Enhanced Behavior Analysis

“In a world where speed and quality need to go hand in hand, organizations need a partner that removes complexity and brings in stability, connectivity and scalability. With today’s release, we are reaffirming our commitment to be that partner in our customers’ success.”

Vercel Expands Its Cloud Offering to AWS Marketplace and Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

“Availability in AWS Marketplace will allow more brands to unlock the value of Vercel and ship great web applications," said Kevin Van Gundy, COO of Vercel. “Our expanding relationship with AWS is a commitment to our shared customers that businesses of all sizes can adopt the tools, frameworks, and platforms used by some of the world's best technology firms.”

Launch Week Day 4 - The Future of Headless

“We envision a way to make Payload embeddable in just about any environment - be it an Express server, serverless functions, or edge functions. We want it to be portable so that you can install it within your website itself, no matter if your website is running Svelte, Next, Remix, Vue, Gatsby, whatever. If your environment can run Node, it should be able to run Payload.”

Bold Commerce Collaborates with PayPal to Launch Tailored Checkout on Adobe Commerce

“This new integration not only makes it possible for brands on Adobe Commerce to launch custom checkout experiences, but allows them to optimize these experiences in real-time to make sure they’re continuously maximizing checkout completion rates and driving revenue.”

Fireside with DXP Report: Weekly Wrap-Up with Kaya & Andres

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