Uniform and Algolia Partner Up
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Uniform and Algolia Partner Up

Brands are coming together in the digital experience space this week with at least four new partnership announcements.

With at least four new DXP-related partnerships announced this week, it's safe to say that partnership is in the air.

First up, digital experience composition platform Uniform and search and discovery platform Algolia have partnered to customize search experiences and automate content suggestions for digital experiences.

“This partnership makes it simple for our digital experience composition (DXC) platform to connect Algolia to websites or digital experiences so that brands can quickly and automatically deliver relevant results to shoppers. Not only that, these are new and efficient ways for both developers and business users to work with a modern digital-experience stack,” said Darren Guarnaccia, president of Uniform.

Next up, Vercel and Sitecore have entered into a strategic partnership to transform the web’s direct-to-consumer landscape. CI&T and Crownpeak have joined forces to build retail experience management accelerators. Finally, SheerID and commercetools partner to allow merchants to verify eligible consumers for exclusive offers.

Elsewhere, Solodev launches a new serverless CMS, and IT Ecology explains how we can fix eCommerce.

“The future of retail is composable, and Uniform makes that happen.”

Vercel and Sitecore Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Brands to Create and Deliver Unparalleled Digital Experiences

“Our partnership with Sitecore will transform the web’s direct-to-consumer landscape by allowing our retailers to build faster and more dynamic experiences.”

Solodev Launches Solodev Serverless CMS, the Next Generation of Web Content Management System

“The launch of Solodev Serverless CMS is part of the company’s new “Go Serverless™” campaign promoting the benefits of serverless technology for powering modern apps in the cloud.”

CI&T and Crownpeak Partner to Build Accelerators for Retail Experience Management

“Combining Crownpeak’s architecture with CI&T’s expertise and operational know-how will be a driving force for enterprises to orchestrate their brand, product, and service content across all digital and global mediums quickly and easily, and all on a modern IT architecture so customers have flexibility without compromise in building their own stacks.”

Bloomreach Puts Even More Self-serve Capabilities in the Hands of Merchandisers With the Launch of New Catalog Management Feature

“With Catalog Management, merchandisers and e-commerce developers now have a completely self-service way to customize the search experience based on the unique data in their catalogs.”

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Stories that caught our eye

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  2. Aplyca Opens Its Chicago Office: The professional services and consulting firm implements solutions such as Contentful and Vercel for customers.
  3. The First Headless Audience Verification Service: The partnership between commercetools and SheerID will open new possibilities for merchants.
  4. A Magical Product Experience: That’s what ThreeKit hopes to provide with its headless visual commerce platform.
  5. Fixing eCommerce: Why is e-commerce broken? Headless could be one of the solutions.

The word on the street...

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  2. [Reddit]: Should you use a headless CMS? A checklist: The debate continues and this checklist offers a few use cases.

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